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We are at KTI provides a work experience in an open, flexible environment and provide room for innovation and continuous development of the career. We have proved this through the success of our employees by bring them top of their professions.
Ajantha Wickramarathne
Than working in a multinational, working at KTI has more exposure to implement new ideas, strategies in multi discipline and management is encouraging generation of new ideas at any level of the employee. Rather routing works, solving and managing problems and issues of business were interesting and give new experience. Business vision of the Management, give path to grow those who has capabilities and competency. This was the reason form me to stay more than 10 years with KTI which is longest period I have worked to a company
Ihsan Bari
Assistant Manager - Online Sales & Operations

Stepping up was easy in a right working environment as a supervisor to the Senior Managerial within a very short period in KTI

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